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Vox Media - Verge Science YouTube Series

As Senior Producer at Verge Science, Jeanette managed the day-to-day editorial operations for the Verge Science YouTube channel and wrote, produced, and narrated original episodes. 

Atlas Obscura - Place-based Documentaries

As Supervising Producer at Atlas Obscura, Jeanette produced original in-house work with AO's team, and also commissioned and developed mini-documentaries from best-in-class producers, directors, and cinematographers.

Atlas Obscura - Original Digital Series 

At Atlas Obscura, Jeanette produced and directed episodes of original series formats including Object of Intrigue and Infrequently Asked Questions. She also produced and directed weekly episodes of the 'zoom interview show' Show and Tell with Atlas Obscura Co-Founder Dylan Thuras and Staff Writer Jessica Leigh Hester. 

History Channel - Topical and Explainer Videos

As a Producer/Writer at History, Jeanette produced, researched, scripted, storyboarded, and supervised edits of dozens of animated, hosted, gfx/archival-based, and short doc videos about topics ranging from national parks to the rise of ISIS.